Poliklinika Duduković Vizual

Breast reduction (Reduction mammaplasty)

Large or gigantic breasts are sometimes a serious health and functional problem. Apart from the difficulty in maintaining simple hygiene and finding adequate bras, the symptoms such as neck and thoracic spine pain often occur and are potentially debilitating. Such large breasts need to be surgically reduced with new nipple positioning to their ideal location. The surgical procedure of reduction mammaplasty is a major surgery that lasts for approximately 3 hours. Afterwards, the patient remains at the Polyclinic under opservation until the next morning. The patient is required to be at home and rest/recover for 7-days. It is recommended to wear elastic bras for a minimum of 4 weeks. After the surgery, scars are present around the nipple, vertically below the nipple, and along the entire inframammary groove. Following breast reduction, your hygiene will significantly improve and you will notice a great relief and decrease in back pain.

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