Poliklinika Duduković Vizual

Butt enlargement with implants

Implants can corrected flat, asymmetrical or hanging buttocks. By incorporating implants, the genetic and acquired deformations of the gluteal region are also resolved. By augmenting the buttocks, the body is sculpted to a more harmonious figure. Increasing or augmentation of the buttocks is an aesthetic surgical procedure by which specially designed silicone implants for the buttocks are placed between the two muscle layers. It is recommended for clients who do not have enough fatty tissue for lipotransfer, and would like to smooth their contours. The aesthetic enlargement of the buttocks does not significantly change the shape of the buttocks, but it changes the size and proportion to the rest of the body. There are various forms and sizes of implants, and even custom made implants can be ordered. Generally, these implants will help to circumvent the upper and outer buttocks, but not the lower parts. Sometimes implant insertion into the buttock is performed together with lifting the buttocks and liposuction of the lower body so as to achieve a more balanced appearance. During the procedure the patient lies on their stomach, a 5-6 cm vertical incision is placed In the well-hidden central crease of the buttocks. In this part, a scar will be created to help keep the implant in place. A pocket is created for implant insertion inside the muscle. You may be surprised that there is not much bleeding. Once the implants are inserted into the pockets, the muscle lies over them. The central incision is then closes in the layers. If liposuction is performed, it is performed through the existing incisions. The surgical procedure is performed in general anesthesia, and the patient can usually be discharged the same day.

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