Poliklinika Duduković Vizual

Butt enlargement with own fat cells (Brazilian butt lift)

When talking about a perfect butt, it is important to first define what the patient already has, what they want to achieve and what aesthetic alterations can be made. Social norms are what dictate the ideal butt characteristic. The Brazilian butt lift procedure aims to increase the butt size and achieve its most beautiful rounded shape. This procedure uses the transfer of the patients’ own fat, and the name of the method is linked to the Brazilian beaches and the beautiful Brazilian women known world wide for their exotic feminine figure dominated by an impeccable, firm and rounded buttocks. It should be stressed that the ideal candidates for this procedure are people who have high-quality fat tissue that could be used for lipofilling. The process involves the collection of fatty tissue from the area where it is plentiful, and is then processed and reinjected. In order to further emphasize the buttocks, liposuction of the belly, waist and the thigh can be done in addition to enhance the feminine figure, with emphasis placed on the hips and buttocks. The recovery lasts from one to two weeks, and, unlike implants, as it uses its own fatty tissue, the results are more natural. The treated area retains touch sensitivity, and the procedure is performed quickly and requires no hospitalization.

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