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Chemical peels

Chemical peelings are procedures that use chemical solutions (most often acid) with the aim of peeling the skin to achieve a better appearance and skin quality. Surface pilings provide a quick result but unfortunately the appearance of smooth and shiny skin doesn’t last long. With deeper peelings, we also achieve dermis stimulation, that is, we encourage the creation of new collagen and the permanent improvement of skin quality.
Depending on the acid concentration, we achieve different depths:

Surface peeling means the combination of α-hydroxy acid (AHA), salicylic acid, retinoic acid or 10-20% trichloroethane acid. With this mixture, it only achieves a slight peeling of the epidermis surface layer, giving a shiny skin look. The benefits of the procedure are a quick result without much recovery time.

Medium deep peeling (papillary dermis) – application of 30% trichloroacetic acid. This peeling can treat surface wrinkles and hyperpigmentation associated with photoaging, and it is necessary to plan about 5 days of recovery.
Deep piling (reticular dermis) – use of phenol or 50% trichloroacetic acid is used to treat deep wrinkles, scars and deep discoloration of the skin. The procedure is performed under anesthesia and recovery takes about 2 weeks.

In Polyclinic Duduković we use ZO Skin Health Peeling: Peel Red Carpet Peel as a suface peeling, 3 Step Peel as a Medium Depth, and Controlled Depth Peel as a deep peeling.
In addition, we also use Mesoestetic Mesopeel Peeling, in combination with micronutrients and mesotherapy, to achieve optimal and complete approach in rejuvenating and improving skin quality and appearance.

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