Poliklinika Duduković Vizual

Lower face contouring with dermal fillers

After many years of the safe application for the replenishment of individual facial features such as ear correction, lip augmentation, nasolabial folds correction, or puppet lines, the use of dermal fillers is constantly gaining new grounds and indications. It has been proven that their role in facial aesthetics is increasingly important, especially with the modern and popular so-called “full face” approach. This technique aims to rejuvenate the whole face with specific, precisionally placed areas of application. It has been shown that when we age we loose volume primarily due to the atrophy of deep layers of fat and muscles which, along with the skeleton, are the basic organs that carry our skin and directly affect our appearance. By using dermal fillers we compensate for this naturally lost volume, and with applying them to cheeks and chewbone areas we return their previous appearance and younger contours. By applying dermal fillers to specific locations, apart from compensating for lost volume, we can change our appearance or further highlight individual facial features such as zigomatic regions, straighten the lower jaw line, or further project the beard to make an overall look of a more appealing and refined look. A place often overlooked, the temporal depressions can, with minimal correction raise the eyebrows and give the impression of more open eyes and fresher looks.

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