Poliklinika Duduković Vizual

Nonsurgical brow lift with Silhouette soft threads

Combating the effects of aging at all costs involves skin renewal and facial contouring. The Silhouette Soft thread non-surgical facelift treatment by Sinclair Pharma effectively combines these two effects by skin lifting and regeneration.
Silhouette Soft threads are a revolutionary solution. They are the only effective non-surgical treatment for direct lifting and treatment is ideal for lifting the face and smoothing the lower jawline. This in turn relieves nasolabial and marionetic folds while removing the ‘hanging pads’ in the lower facial area. Silhouette soft threads are also very effective in tightening the neck skin and in raising the eyebrows. The discrete lift effect is instantaneous and immediately visible after the procedure. The maximum amount of new collagen is created within 2 months and this is seen as the progressive additional lift, repair and rejuvenation of skin quality. It is important to note that the Silhouette soft threads are completely biodegradable. The new collagen that develops guarantees a refresh and younger appearance for up to two years. They are ideal in combination with Ellanse dermal fillers with which act synergistically due to neo-collagenases. Dr. Duduković is an official MasterClass trainer and course lecturer for Silhouette Soft Products, which is also one of his favorite rejuvenation treatment methods.

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