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Peel Strength: Aggressive
The ZO Controlled Depth Peel® is a robust in-office peel that provides dermal and epidermal stimulation and stabilization for a faster recovery and excellent results. Utilizing a concentration of trichloracetic acid (TCA) buffered for different skin types, this unique ZO® Signature Peel allows physicians to precisely tailor treatment for a range of conditions. The unique peel formula contains a colored base that serves as visual guidance for controlled application over the treatment area based on the patient’s desired treatment results.

  • Reduces brown spots, age spots and uneven pigmentation
  • Minimizes or eliminates the appearance of melasma
  • Improves the texture of leathery, sun-damaged skin
  • Treats acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces the prevalence of fine lines and wrinkles, and tightens lax skin

INDICATIONS – Melasma, scars, severe skin laxity and severe textural damage
USAGE / FREQUENCY – Subject to physician
HEALING TIME – 5–14 days


Peel Strength: Aggressive
The ZO 3-Step Peel® is a potent peel that maximizes texture improvement and produces longer-lasting results than ordinary peels. The first step contains a blend of TCA, salicylic and lactic acids to remove the outer layer of the epidermis. The second step utilizes a 6% retinol crème complex and other agents to help reverse signs of aging. The third step rapidly relieves skin irritation and redness while re-balancing vital moisture content.

  • Improves skin’s ability to repair and renew for softer and more even skin tone
  • Provides powerful antioxidants that help repair skin damage from pollution
  • Enhances skin’s natural DNA protection
  • Boosts collagen for visible firming and wrinkle reduction
  • Supports barrier restoration

INDICATIONS – Rough texture, uneven skin tone, dullness and fine lines
USAGE / FREQUENCY – Every month or as directed by a physician
HEALING TIME – 3–5 days


Peel Strength: Mild
The Stimulator Peel incorporates three essential formulas that prep, peel and neutralize the skin so it looks and feels healthier without irritation or down time. The prep formula first breaks down the lipid barrier to prepare the skin for enhanced penetration of the peel into the epidermis. Next, the peel solution, which utilizes a combination of alpha hydroxy acids (citric, glycolic and lactic acids), is applied to provide both epidermal exfoliation and renewal. Finally, a neutralizer is applied to calm and soothe the skin while restoring it back to a normal pH.

  • Stimulates epidermal turnover
  • Accelerates exfoliation
  • Evens skin tone and improves pigmentation
  • Minimizes appearance of fine lines
  • Leaves skin calm without irritation

INDICATIONS – Fine lines, dullness, rough texture and uneven skin tone
USAGE / FREQUENCY – Every week

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