Poliklinika Duduković Vizual



Botox-Vistabel face rejuvination – 50 units3000 kn
Botox-Vistabel face rejuvination per zone (1 zones)1250 kn
Botox-Vistabel face rejuvination per zone (2 zones)2000 kn
Botox-Vistabel excessive axillary sweating therapy – 100 units3500 kn
Premium hyaluronic acid dermal filler Juvéderm – 1 ml3000 kn
Dermal hyaluronic acid filler Perfectha – 1ml2500 kn
Dermal filler for collagen stimulation – Ellanse (S,M,L,E) – 1ml3500 – 5000 kn
Skin biostimulation with Profhilo dermal filler – 2 ml2750 kn
Lipolysis injections DesoFace/DesoBody (per region)1000kn
Non surgical face lifting with dermal fillers – 4 ml8500 kn
Eye bag correction with dermal fillers up to 2 ml4000 – 6000 kn
Lip correction with dermal fillers 0.5 – 1.5 ml1500 – 4500 kn
Silhouette soft thread face lifting (3 pairs of threads)8500 kn
Silhouette soft thread face and neck lifting (5 pairs of threads)12500 kn
Silhouette soft brow lift4000 kn
Consultation with anti age treatment planning500kn

Anti-aging treatments with medically approved devices Venus Viva

Nano fractional skin rejuvination – 15 min2600kn
Nano fractional stretch mark treatment – 10 min1850kn
Nano fractional scar treatment – 5 min950kn
Nano fractional hand rejuvination – 10 min1850kn
Face antiaging MP2 – 20 min1150kn
Face lifting MP2 – 20 min1150kn
Face and neck contouring – 30 min1350kn
Face, neck and cleavage MP2 – 30min1350kn
Upper arm rejuvination MP2 – 20 min1100kn
Stomach skin rejuvination MP2 – 20 min1350kn
Stomach skin stretch mark treatment MP2 – 20 min1350kn
Thigh stretch mark treatment MP2 – 20 min1350kn

Plexr Soft Surgery treatments

Eye lid correction (upper and lower) – 15min4000kn
Eye lid correction (upper and lower) – 30min7000kn
Correction of upper lip lines “bar code lines” – 30 min6000kn
Xanthelasma removal – 5 min1990kn
Tatoo removal – 10 min1500 kn
Various skin lesions removal – 5 min700 kn
Frown lines correction – 10 min3500 kn
Abdominal stretch marks removal – 10-60 min1000 – 5000 kn
Acne treatment – 15 min900 kn

Mesoesthetic treatments

Mesohyal NCTC1091450kn
Mesohyal DMAE950kn
Mesohyal Vitamin C850kn
Mesohyal Oligoelements850kn
Mesobotox (Mesihyal + Vistabel)2000kn
Microneedling (M-pen / Derma Pen)
M-PEN depigmentation treatment1250kn
M-PEN photoageing treatment1250 kn
M-PEN face tightening1250 kn
M-PEN fat burning700 kn
M-PEN body tightening700 kn
M-PEN hair loss prevention1300 kn

ZO Skin Health treatments

ZO ‘Red Carpet’ peeling450kn
Chemical peeling ZO 3 step peel – individual treatment2000kn
Chemical peeling ZO 3 step peel – package of 3 treatments5000kn
Chemical peeling ZO controlled depth peel
– local anesthesia block

Biologique Recherche treatments

Facial treatments – 45 minutes250kn
Facial treatments – 60 minutes120kn
Facial treatments – 75 minutes1000kn

Other cosmetic treatments

Face masage – 30min 120kn
Face cleaning treatment 500kn
Back cleaning treatment 500kn


Eyelid correction (upper or lower)8000kn
Eyelid correction (upper and lower)15000kn
Bat ears correction8000kn
Minimal scar Face Lifting17000kn
Face and neck lift30000kn
Eye brow lift8000kn


Correction of inverted nipples7500kn
Correction of areola size12000kn
Correction of vaginal lips (labioplasty)10000kn
Hymen reconstruction (hymenoplasty)10000kn
Aesthetic surgery consultation500kn
Mole excision800 kn
Skin excision with local flap reconstruction3000 kn
Excision of other skin conditions1000 kn
Carpal tunnel release4000 kn
Pathohistologic analysis of removed skin300 kn
Surgical tattoo removal3000 – 5000kn
Surgical scar correction2000 – 5000kn
Surgical treatment of ingrown nail2000kn

Dermatologic examination and therapy planning

Diagnosis and treatment plan for inflammatory and allergic skin conditions400kn
Diagnosis and treatment plan for skin discolorations400kn
Diagnosis and treatment plan for acne400kn
Diagnosis and treatment plan for rosacae and similar conditions400kn
Diagnosis and treatment plan for nail, hair and scalp conditions400kn
Diagnosis and treatment plan for other skin disorders400kn
Entire body mole examination and dermatoscop500kn
Check up by a Dermatologist300kn

Dermatologic services

Radiofrequency mole removal800kn
Radiofrequency removal of other benign lesions800kn
Radiofrequency removal of hemangiomas800kn
Radiofrequency removal of viral warts800kn
Radiofrequency removal of condylomas800kn
Removal od benign skin lesions with electrocauterization500kn

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