Poliklinika Duduković Vizual

Vaginal lip correction (Labioplasty)

Even the most hidden part of a woman’s body sometimes requires aesthetic correction. Most often it is not just about aesthetic but functional condition. In the case of obesity, eg in sexual relations, dryness, swelling and their interference within the vagina is often present, which can lead to discomfort, microinjury, laceration and infection. In addition, large vaginal lips are sometimes visible through tight clothes, making the woman feel uncomfortable in their outfit. The labioplasty procedures takes about 30 minutes, is performed in an outpatient setting and in local anesthesia. After the procedure, a three day rest period is recommended, after which you can return to light activities. Reduction from heavy physical work, exercise, and sexual activity is recommended up to 15 days after the operation, while after recovery, your intimate area will look fresh and rejuvenated.

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